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Established in 19912, Ecoplast is a modern and efficient company, which has consolidated its place in the market thanks to its production of high quality cans and plastic containers for industrial and agricultural use.

Whilst enhancing its capabilities and use of new technologies, Ecoplast has gradually increased its production by adding a wide range of products to its output, aimed at various sectors, including: general accessories, household, bathroom and garden items.

Ecoplast’s strengths are: its efficient manufacturing process, the excellent quality/price ratio of its products, and the articulated management of its logistics and distribution and delivery systems, all organized using its own transport.

Ecoplast has dynamic and professional management, and motivated and competent human resources.  It has a technologically advanced production line (injection blowing and pressing machines of the latest generation), covering a manufacturing area of 20,000m, of which 6,000m is under cover.

Directing the Company’s efforts to the highest standards demanded by the international market, Ecoplast  uses top quality and certified polythene   to produce containers for storing food and household items.  It uses polythene resistant to chemical agents to produced industrial grade containers.

Ecoplast has projected itself dynamically onto the market and, by positioning itself strategically, it has captured a large market share.  It is present in the most important trade fairs in the sector and strives in the  research and development of innovative products and materials.  

Ecoplast thus responds to market demands, also offering personalized solutions to customers’ needs.


Research and Development
The conception of each new object begins with studying its design: form and functionality combine into the fine tuning of innovative and evolving ideas. Every project starts life as a vision conceived on paper. And with a 3D printer we can immediately create real prototypes to test their functionality.


We are constantly implementing technological aspects throughout the productive process: from selecting the best solutions in transforming plastic-based materials to new materials.

We believe knowledge to be a core value and for this reason we provide continuous training courses for our employees.


Eco-friendly sustainability
Eco-friendly sustainability is our mission at EcoPlast.Our plants use solar panels, energy-saving presses and regenerating material, all with one aim: to respect the environment.

The EcoPlast distribution network knows no boundaries! We can deliver our products anywhere and on time.


Sales network 
The EcoPlast sales network comprises precious, human capital and each EcoPlast Rep has an iPad tablet to effect immediate information exchange and product availability.

Quality products
Each and every EcoPlast article is the result of: attention to detail, fair pricing, durability, safety, ease of use and exclusive design. 

Quality Certification
EcoPlast has been quality certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, an extra guarantee for our Customers.